Some tips for corporate website design

04 Jan Some tips for corporate website design

The importance of a good and effective marketing strategy based on website has now been widely recognized. However, large corporate houses have lagged behind in website designing as compared to their smaller counterparts. In fact, corporate website design too often exhibit stagnant ideas which fail to snag the attention of the users. But now the corporate houses have understood the importance of good corporate website design. The result is some brilliantly executed designs by the leading corporate houses of the world.

Examples of some great corporate website design

Check out some of the websites given below to understand how effective corporate website design can be:


  • The website of Levi Strauss & Co. Imparts a strong sense of history and tradition to its visitors. With a click on a photo, you get to know about the defining moments of the company. It acts as excellent icebreaker and draws the customer in.
  • The website of Starbucks is a beauty in design. It pays unusually close attention to hierarchy. Navigation is especially easy and you often have an alternative if you do not want to be on the current page. This is a highly customer friendly feature that is much appreciated.
  • The Canadian website of Sony includes short films where people relate how using Sony products have changed their lives. You can sort these stories according to categories with the help of a floating meter. It is brilliant designing as it manages to arrest the attention of the visitor at once.


Points to remember about corporate website design

Here are some tips that will prove to be highly effective in corporate website design:


  • The appearance of the corporate website should be smart, professional and attractive. Clean, uncluttered lines of design with prominently displayed texts and navigation buttons are hallmarks of a well designed website. The site should be simple to understand and navigate.
  • Graphics are often used with great effects on corporate website design. They add variety and help to arrest the attention. However, you have to be careful in their use. They should not be distracting or irritating and there must be an option to turn them off. In case of graphics, less is more.
  • Content is king as far as corporate website design is concerned. It must be correct, up to date and interesting. It should be updated regularly. Engage the visitor with your writing. The text should be easy to read. Use of animation and flash must be judicious so that they do not prove to be distracting. It is advisable to hire a professional writer to create good content.
  • Above all, a good corporate website design must be functional and easy to use. The pages should load fast and minimize scrolling – especially on the first page. Instead, logical link building and clear system of navigation are highly significant.
  • Finally, an effective corporate website design should adhere to the various SEO guidelines so that it ends up with a high Page Rank. This includes a number of different steps like proper content, effective link building, correct use of CSS and flash language and many more.


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