How to Plan Your Content by Mind Mapping

23 Apr How to Plan Your Content by Mind Mapping

Planning your content can be tedious especially if you have other tasks that you’re managing such as running the daily operations of your business, managing a team, speaking with prospects, attending conferences, and the list goes on. Content planning can easily eat up your time. Creating great content needs a dedicated time for planning, and in order to address this challenge, you need to plan your content in advance. In a previous post, we showed you step by step how to plan a year’s worth of content using a spreadsheet. Not everyone is a fan of spreadsheets so we’ll show you how to do content planning the fun way—through mind mapping.

Watch this video to learn how to plan your content by mind mapping.

Now it’s your turn to share. What other methods do you use to plan your content? We would love to hear about the content planning strategies that have worked for you.


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