What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Social Media Marketing.

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12 Apr What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Social Media Marketing.

Do you know the best times to post on Facebook or Twitter? Do you know what you should put in your posts for greater appeal? How often should you post about your own products or services? If you don’t know these answers, it might be hurting your social media marketing.

Here are some business tips you need to consider.

Times to PostSocial media marketing

You are probably surprised to learn that each social media website has different optimal days and times for posting. Weekends aren’t the days for the most traffic for most platforms. For some platforms, it is better to post during business hours. Depending on the industry your business focuses on determines which social media platforms you most likely use. If you are using more than one, it can make it hard to optimize your posts on each platform.

Forbes posted an article that best describes the best days and times to post to each platform for businesses. This is a good resource to plan a posting schedule.

How Often Should You Post About Your Business?

You can actually turn off potential clients and customers by only posting about your business. It makes your profile just another pushy, irritating salesman. Why do we hate buying new cars? The salespeople can be pushy, so why do you want your business perceived the same way? The best approach is to post about content that entertains or provides engaging information that pulls customers and clients to your social media profiles. This content should be geared towards your industry, but don’t limit yourself to a niche market. You can expand your content posts past your particular niche, since finding articles about a niche market are often difficult.

So how often is often enough? You should try to limit your posts about your business to only 1 to 3 posts per week if you post every day. Less is really more, so post about your business on less than half of your posts to avoid being too pushy.

Making Your Posts More Appealing

This may seem hard, but overall it isn’t. Pictures are your best friends on social media platforms. In order to get people to even take a look at your posts you need pictures for every post. Pictures draw people in. People will often just skip over posts that only contain text and they are a waste of time and effort.

Now choosing photos is tricky, especially with copyright issues. There are many websites that offer free stock photos. You may still need to review how you are allowed to use them. They say free stock photos, but some still have restrictions on how you can use them. These sites are great if you don’t have pictures you can use. Also, some content you post may have pictures in the article, but use caution when using them. Pictures need to be big enough for the platform you are posting on. Make sure the pictures are in focus and avoid using a lot of clip art or cartoon type pictures. Clip art or cartoon type pictures make companies look unprofessional.

In addition to pictures, questions go a long way in catching people’s attention. Why do you need social media for your business? If you own a business, you might see this and think I need to read this article. People may start following you so they can get more tips and insights for their business. In a way you are filtering the internet’s articles to show only what they want to read. That is why they follow you. Use questions in both your posts about industry content and the posts about your company. You should use questions for at least half your posts to bring attention to them.


Research the keywords for your industry. Almost all platforms use hashtags now. You can use hashtags all day for every word, but it may not land you on a list anyone looks at. Hashtagify will let you search words you want to use and will tell you the next most related hashtags for it. This is useful for researching some keywords. Lastly, you don’t have to have a hashtag on every post. People actually prefer not to see a ton of hashtags. It makes posts harder to read.

Pro Tip: When using more than one word in a hashtag capitalize all the words to make it easier to read on the #SocialMediaPlatform.

Social media platforms are great tools to bring new customers to your doorstep. It can turn them into followers that you can market to on a regular basis, if you do it right. What are you waiting for? Update your social media marketing plan so you can start producing better results.

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