Your Email Marketing Checklist

25 May Your Email Marketing Checklist

Sending email is still one of the most popular marketing methods. It costs fairly low and quite simple to set-up. You can choose from a number of email programs or autoresponder platforms that can handle, schedule, and automatically send your emails on time.

Emails are a great way to stay in touch with long-time customers and this provides an opportunity for you to promote your services directly to them. But it’s also a must to do things right in order to keep your email marketing on the right path at all times.

Here’s an email marketing checklist you can refer to whenever you need to create a campaign for your clients:

1. Setting up

  • Segment your email list – It’s always better to segment your list of subscribers (clients and non-clients alike) in order to approach them accordingly. And it’s also important to note that email is not for everyone.
  • Email design and layout – Create greater impact by making your email design captivating, but keep it relevant since it needs to support your email content. It can be simple, but should be able to send the message clearly.
  • Add social media buttons – Add social media buttons to your emails, so subscribers can share your email content to their friends.

2. Email content

  • Keep your message clear and simple – There’s no single rule on how to write your email content. If it needs to be a longer one than usual, try to section it into several email series for your subscribers to look forward to. Try to keep the content on-point and compelling.
  • Stick to legal policies – Make sure to comply with the CAN-SPAM policy and other legal requirements set by your email autoresponder program to avoid legal issues.
  • Offer email platform options – It’s best to provide both HTML and plain text versions of your email campaigns (for those who switched off or cannot see images in emails).
  • Add call to action – Within your email content, make sure to include a clear call to action (CTA) on what your subscriber should do when they see your message.
  • Include ‘unsubscribe’ option – Always provide an ‘unsubscribe’ link at the end of your email message as part of your legal compliance.

3. Testing

  • Proofread – Perhaps the best way to make sure your email message is error-free is to have it proofread by another set of eyes. Check for typos and spelling errors thoroughly to ensure your message is spot-free.
  • Check the links you’ve included – If you’ll include links to resources or pages on your site, make sure they’re live and working.
  • Test your email on all platforms – Send an email preview to your desktop PC, laptop, mobile phone and other devices that you have. Check if the message is readable and the layout appropriate on specific devices.

4. Follow-up

  • Social media integration – Integrate your email marketing campaign with social media and other marketing activities.
  • Track email campaigns – Using your email autoresponder, you can track your email campaigns by looking at the open and click through rates. You can also check if your calls to action were followed through. You can measure your email campaign’s success based on the number of opens and click throughs.
  • Capture subscriber responses – Capture the subscribers who did and did not respond to your email campaigns. Make sure the details are entered into a database.
  • Capture email bounces – Capture email bounces to identify who to re-send the email to and whose emails need updating.
  • Capture unsubscribes – Depending on your email autoresponder, the number of unsubscribes may be presented and even labeled if it’s at a critical point. But for safety measures, make sure to remove them from your list right away.

Your actual email marketing checklist may look different and even longer from the one above over time. It will always depend on the types of campaigns that you’ll create for your subscribers/clients and the level of content that you’ll provide to them via email. The key is to have these basic steps on-hand to ensure that you’ll have reliable email campaigns, rather than hits-or-misses.


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