How to Make Your Marketing Materials Stand Out

06 Jun How to Make Your Marketing Materials Stand Out

Any type of business goes through the grueling process of developing an idea into a product or service. But it’s often the marketing efforts that owners put into place that can make or break the business. And it all starts with the marketing materials you put out there for the whole world to see and consume.

A marketing material should be able to tell your business’ story, your goals for the end user (customer), and how it can solve their underlying problem. And of course, your material should be eye-catching, interesting, and able to clearly convey the right message to your prospective customers.

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Below are some tips and ideas on how to make your marketing materials stand out from the crowd:


1. Check your competition

Remember that there’s the path that’s always taken by businesses especially when it comes to marketing strategies. You’d want the path that’s less taken if you want to be different, impactful, and more valuable to potential customers.

Do competitive analysis to see what other businesses in your industry are doing to help you create a better and unique material for any of your marketing campaigns. Don’t be afraid to be different, even in the smallest of ways, because these tiny differences can help you stand out from the competition.

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2. Emphasize your best qualities

One of the ways to differentiate yourself from numerous competitors is to plan and lay out the best aspects of your business. Make a list of your best offers, benefits, specials, and products/services and make sure to incorporate them in your marketing materials. Choose only the ones that stand out and will make a difference or add value to your customers’ experience.

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3. Show your creativity

The overall look and feel of your marketing materials will play a huge role in sending this message across. So it’s always better to start out with planning and taking time to brainstorm with your team before squeezing out all of your creative juices. Always put your best foot forward when it comes to the design of your materials because you need to convey a strong message, while also delivering a strong brand.

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4. Make it personal

Traditional marketing materials don’t work in this day and age because people just ignore them. You need to focus your efforts on a personal level in order to capture the attention of potential customers. It might mean that you need to target a smaller audience since they are more likely to respond and engage with you. It’s also good to try a different tone for your material’s narrative so it sounds more personal.

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5. Ensure branding consistency

Branding consistency is always a must whenever you plan and create materials for your marketing campaigns. This makes your business more recognizable among your target audience whenever you put out campaigns.

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6. Make it clean and accessible

The use of white space enables your audience to focus on the message you’re telling them. It helps them read and remember that message easily as it is properly and clearly conveyed. More often, the narrative is concise but impactful which can capture the full attention of your targeted audience.

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7. Be willing to take risks

There will always be challenges whenever there are campaigns to push your business forward. But it’s also essential to be prepared and willing to take a few risks. These could be in the form of small tweaks in your color scheme, an upgrade on your logo, or the tone of your narrative. Just don’t overdo it and make sure to thoroughly examine the pros and cons before your execute any changes in your materials and content.

Being able to distinguish yourself from the crowd will give you the edge in a very competitive and often crowded industry. Bringing something fresh and even unconventional marketing materials can make a huge difference to your business and your potential customers.


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