How Linkedin can boost your marketing effort

30 Apr How Linkedin can boost your marketing effort

LinkedIn has often been regarded as a prime marketing tool for job seekers, but it is also an effective resource for businesses seeking to solidify their brand and boost their marketing efforts. Utilize these business tips to actively engage with your target audience and enhance your marketing efforts.

Optimize Your Business Profile

Start by creating a LinkedIn business profile that is thorough. Provide an overview of your company, upload a logo or professional photo to the profile and post links to your company website and blog. List clients you have worked with in the past to build more credibility.

Actively Engage With Connections

A key element of establishing an online presence in any type of platform is to actively engage with other professionals. Post links to articles that are relevant to the business’ industry. Respond to comments and link your connections back to your website. Launch discussions in LinkedIn groups to further share tips as an expert in the field.

Add a Personal Touch

Whether you are hiring at the moment or anticipating a surge of hiring in the future, make your company appealing to job seekers on LinkedIn. Put the company culture on display by posting photos of office events, testimonials from current employees and tips from the CEO. Potential clients are often more vested in companies that show a personal side to their business operations.

Create a Company Follow Button

Make it easy for your connections to follow your company page on LinkedIn by adding the “Company Follow Button” to your business’ website. While many business websites promote their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, take your efforts one step further with a LinkedIn button.

Expand your online marketing efforts by utilizing a professional tool that has already set the wheels in motion for you to gain exposure. Want to know more about digital solutions? Contact us for a complete evaluation of your internet marketing options.

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