The Top 5 Reasons to Use a Content Management System for Your Website

24 Jul The Top 5 Reasons to Use a Content Management System for Your Website

For those who don’t know, content management systems (CMS) are basically centralized applications that host, display and allow changes to data. If that seems too technical, think of a CMS as a white board in a classroom. Every student has the permission to add or change what’s written on the white board, and the teacher can also check the displayed information easily. That’s the most basic example I could come up with, and an actual CMS is much more complicated. However, this article isn’t intended to explain the workings of a CMS; rather, it will tell you why you should get it right away!

No Hassle of Developers

Perhaps the best thing about a CMS is their simplicity. A person need not be fluent in programming language to be able to use the CMS, as it offers users a very minimalistic GUI with options such as upload, redirect etc. Once the integration of the CMS with the website is completed, the page owner can take things into his own hands. This eliminates the hassle of asking the developer to update the contents of your website every time you want to make a change, as you can do that by yourself with the CMS.

Increases Productivity

With that comes an increase in productivity. How? Think about it; if you are operating a website that handles time-sensitive information such as news or releases, it needs to be updated on a timely basis in order to attract your core customers. Asking a developer who may not be available can cause huge delays, resulting in a decrease in productivity.

Makes Life Much Easier

Before CMS was popularized, developers had to go through the tedious task of editing and correcting fragmented or useless data, even in the older archives. For example, a link for a promotion that may have expired would now require developers to remove the links from each and every one of the pages where it was used. No longer do developers have to code websites by hand, as with a centralized CMS, that’s just a task of two or three clicks, thanks to dynamic page maintenance.


CMS such as Word Press and Drupal are quite resilient when it comes to virus attacks, having been tested numerous times. This gives the developer as well as the client greater peace of mind, while being easier on the wallet since the developers won’t need to fix any potential security flaws, thus charging less.

Helps You Save a Lot of Money

Well there’s the fact that the core functions of CMS such as Word Press and literally free, but can they actually help you save money? The answer is yes; see, CMS already cover basic functions such as security and core functionality, which eliminates the need for additional coding from the developer. Perhaps the biggest savings come from not having to pay ridiculous maintenance fees, as you won’t be hiring someone to constantly update your website through coding; you can do it yourself!

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